How Did Taylor Gang Shirts Became Famous?

Wiz Khalifa made Taylor Gang Shirts Famous with his charismatic personality.

Taylor gang Shirts
One of the biggest hip hop artist of 2011 with the smash hits Black and Yellow and Roll Up is Wiz Khalifa whom is also the driving force behind Taylor Gang Shirts. Without Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Gang Clothing wouldn't be where it is today. The man put in work by dropping numerous highly acclaimed mixtapes and tour all around the United States. Fans goes crazy when they see him onstage.  Not only is Wiz one of the most talented rappers of 2011, he's also one of the most charismatic. His positive personality could brightened up a dark room. No wonder why fans support him by wearing Taylor Gang Shirts.

I bought a Taylor Gang Shirts to support Wiz Khalifa because he's putting out the best music right now. Rolling Papers might not be his best work but OJ and Kush and Cabin Fever are dope. OJ and Kush is a must listen album to every hip hop stoners. Cabin Fever is the darkest you'll hear Wiz spit because most of the beats on there are dirty south beats. I preferred the Wiz that spits over sample hip hop beats. Soulful beats like Best I Ever Had. I don't blame him for switching up his style to extremely pop to create hit songs like Roll Up and Fly Solo. Pop hits are where the money is at. If you're a fan of Wiz then you know that he values money. A lot of his songs are about money. There's no doubt that he can make a killing selling Taylor Gang Shirts. They might even sell more than his album Rolling Papers.

Are Taylor Gang Hoodie affordable?

Taylor Gang Hoodie are definitely affordable since they're made by fans.

taylor gang hoodie
Fans of Wiz Khalifa made it there personal missions to create custom Taylor Gang Hoodie. They want to support Wiz in the winter time when's it freezing outside. I love the gray Taylor Gang Hoodie with the black font and the small crown on time. The hoodie fits perfectly with my size. The material used on the hoodie is high quality cotton. 

I don't regret purchasing the Taylor gang Hoodie one bit to support the Wizzle man. I thought about buying the Jet Life Hoodie instead because I'm also a fan of Curren$y. I have to admit that Curren$y is one of the hardest working hip hop artist of all time. Curren$y have more mixtapes and albums than Wiz Khalifa. Though his mixtapes and albums might not be acclaim or popular as Wiz Khalifa's Kush and OJ, they are respectable in their own rights. I heard Curren$y bought a Ferrari recently. In my opinion, that's a big deal for an independent artist, I don't think Curren$y would do well on a major label until he signed with Warner Bros. I'm surprised Warner Bros gave Curren$y the freedom to drop Weekend at Bernies. I'm surprised not because the album was garbage but it didn't really contained any mainstream tracks. Warner Bros must of realized that they can't change Curren$y so they just let him run with the ball. I'm happy Curren$y stay true to his core. 

Be sure to support both Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa by purchasing a Taylor Gang Hoodie.